Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Mormon Ads Make me HAPPY!!!

By Christine Thackeray

This morning I opened my computer and this video was playing. One of my kids had watched it and left it running. So I'm cracking eggs and listening with half an ear to this woman talk about her art and then she says that for a while she thought that being a mother meant she couldn't do it, but then she realized, "Hey, this is what God gave me and wants me to be." So she is BOTH a mom and an artist.

At this point I'm nodding my head, thinking 'smart lady' and wondering why my children are listening to some random artist talk about herself. Then she ends with "I'm an artist and a Mormon." I had no idea this is where it was going. Wow, was I HAPPY!!!

For some women, their project in life is their house, decorating, scrapbooking and shopping. I DETEST all those things because to me they are temporary and BORING. I love to create, to study and learn something that's been hidden for years. I love to challenge my mind, and I love to write something that feels genuine. I so believe that my gifts are part of who I am, and I hope to teach my children that motherhood is an artform. We aren't stapled to one particular cookie cutter and part of me wonders with strong women like Emma and Eliza Snow at the beginnings of our church whoever thought we were.

Anyway, next time you're feeling guilty, weird or off center about writing or being who you are, listen to a few of these (there are at least eight or nine) and know it's great to be YOU.


Jennifer Griffith said...

This is fantastic. Thank you for posting this. And thanks to Rebecca for tweeting it so I could run across it this morning. I DETEST scrapbooking too (probably because I stink at it). Glad to know I'm not alone in this. :)

AllMyPosts said...

Well, I am having one of those "Why am I writing for?" weeks. Thanks for posting this.

Feeling lot better!!! "God wanted me to do it??" probably!!

with warm regards