Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Quick note

Last week I posted from South Dakota. Today I'm home, but soon to be off to the movies with 4 grandchildren. Since this writing fortress blogging is important to me I don't want to miss out, though short they may be, here are my thoughts.

As we sat on a bench at Mt. Rushmore and studied the faces of the four presidents sculpured into the mountain, I felt a strong sense of patriotism and humility. It made me remember that we have been given so much and sometimes we seem to take our freedom for granted.

When I wrote "Pages From the Past" and "The Silent Patriots" I had that same feeling, and I wanted to be brave. I wanted to stand up and speak out for what this country stands for. I wondered if it was possible that there are still "watcher" who sacrifice their lives to protect our Constition. I pray there are. I hope that, in our own way, we are each "watchers" of our Constition. that we read it and understand it just as those people whose signatures we see at the bottom of that page.

Well, I've got to go now, the grandchildren and waiting impatiently in the car for me and if I hadn't had to spend an hour longer than planned in the Dr's office, this post might be a better post. But such is life


kersten campbell said...

I hope you had fun with the grandkids!!