Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Thrill of Literary Adventures

by Trina Boice

Happy Columbus Day tomorrow!  (October 12, 2009)  I know, it's not the biggest holiday in this country, lacking such things as beloved Columbus Day carols, festive decorations and traditional meals to commemorate the day, but it is definitely worth celebrating.  The story of Christopher Columbus is inspiring, as that great man's historic voyage teaches us to explore, search, and dream big.

We often discover new horizons while aiming for something completely different.  Christopher Columbus never did accomplish his original goal - to find a western ocean route to Asia.  Instead, he achieved something even greater - he ushered in a new era in world history by opening up the Americas to exploration.  What great book do you dream of writing?

Sometimes when we're writing we visualize something specific, only to be led into a completely different direction. It's almost as if the writing itself carries us on the journey, navigating the project without our control.  Have you ever written something, only to go back later to read it and thought to yourself "Wow, I wrote that?"

Like Christopher's plea to Queen Isabella, writers need to find a publisher who will fund their great literary adventure and believe in their project.  The purse strings direct the writing voyage, but the author's passion and persistance will ultimately determine the success.

Several years ago I stood at the very site where Christopher Columbus and the Queen of Spain discussed his ambitious project.  I tried to imagine the conversation and hear the emotional supplication.   Together, the dreamer and the monarch were able to change history.  So it is with writing - an author and a publisher can create something magical together.  In your search for a literary partner, look for a publisher who shares your passion and can visualize your dream.  A happy working relationship with your editor and publisher can make all the difference in your adventure.

So, in honor of Columbus Day, dream big.  Think big.  Imagine the impossible.  And enjoy the journey!


kersten campbell said...

I'm inspired! Thank you!