Monday, April 5, 2010

And yet another Newbie . . .

Hi Everyone!

I’m Rachael Renee Anderson, author of Divinely Designed, and I'm excited to be part of this blog!

Here’s a few random facts about me that I lazily stole from my website (if you only knew how long it took to think of these things initially, you’d understand why I’m plagiarizing myself).

  • I have serious decision-making issues. I hate making them. Be it where to go for dinner or what movie to rent (unless there is a new romantic comedy available), my typical response is, "I don't care." The worst part is that I married someone with the same problem. Sometimes we drive around for an hour before one of us finally decides.
  • I love peanut butter. I couldn't live without it. One of my favorite treats is a spoon full of peanut butter dipped in milk chocolate chips. Yum!
  • I really don't like to empty the dishwasher. It has to be one of my least favorite jobs. But I don't mind loading it. Why is that?
  • Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies (second only to Pride and Prejudice). I still have daydreams of living on Prince Edward Island. I hope that is what heaven is like. What a perfectly gorgeous place to live.
  • I bite my fingernails. It's a disgustingly bad habit, but one I have failed to break over the years. Maybe someday.
  • I wither when the temperature is rises above 90 degrees.
  • I absolutely HATE shaving my legs. Why in the world did Heavenly Father make hair grow on a woman's legs? He kept it off our faces, why not our legs and armpits?
  • I am incredibly afraid of bees. You'd think I'd be allergic, but I'm not. I act like a complete fool anytime one flies near me. It's embarrassing.
  • I love British and Australian accents. Who doesn't?
  • New Zealand is at the top of my travel wish list. It used to be Australia, but thanks to my sweet hubby, I've been able to go there.
  • Whenever I have to speak in front of a crowd, whatever is left of my brain freezes and I turn into a complete idiot. Seriously. I was asked to say the prayer in church once and I said, "We're grateful to be here this Saturday" instead of "Sunday." I told my husband, who was saying the closing prayer, that he needed to say Friday so I wouldn't feel so dumb. He didn't. Where's the love?
  • I do NOT have the patience of Job.
  • My dream mom vehicle is a Toyota Sequoia, but I think I will always drive a mini-van. I'm far too practical and would rather spend the extra money on a fun vacation. Maybe to New Zealand.
  • I have an intense fear of heights, yet I love extreme roller coasters. Explain that one.
  • One of the lights on our entryway chandelier has this large paint blotch on it, compliments of me. I have yet to figure out a way to get it off. I'm praying the light bulbs never burn out because then we'll have a very dark foyer.
  • I love watching my children while they sleep. I'd be like that mother in the book I'll Love You Forever, and pick them up to snuggle if I wasn't afraid that I would wake them up.
The end.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’m giving away 6 books on my blog this month. It’s a fun, guess the number of jellybeans contest. Take a look:



Stephanie Black said...

It's great to learn more about you, Rachael! Congrats on your book!

Anna said...

I have probably half of that list in common with you.

I love a spoon of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips. I love Anne of Green Gables; love British accents.

I hate shaving my legs, and I don't do well in front of a crowd.

I will definately check out your blog. Your book sounds like a good read.

Rebecca Talley said...

Great post. Good to get to know you better. Welcome to the blog!