Monday, June 13, 2011

Patience and Learning

by Cheri Chesley

Last Tuesday, my book club reviewed James Dashner's The Maze Runner. I just want to say, I hang with a keen group of ladies. These women are smart, and savvy, and--as Mr Dashner will learn if The Death Cure doesn't have a satisfying ending--dangerous when crossed. Hey, most church ladies are.

What I love is, like they did with These Is My Words and The Hunger Games, our conversations became deep and introspective. And I love how 8-12 women can get together in a room to discuss the same thing, differ in opinions and reasoning, but still have a great time doing it. I just may live for book club.

The best part about these monthly meetings--for me--is that I feel I come away with a better understanding of what makes a good book. I love getting so many different perspectives and ideals about the same thing. It's incredible what readers can get from the things we write down. And if all this tallies up to making me a better writer, then it's time well spent.

And let's hope, for Mr Dashner's sake, that my book club is satisfied with how he ends his trilogy. If not, I just may bring them to his next local book signing. ;)