Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Celebrity Endorsements

by Trina Boice

Getting a famous celebrity to endorse your book could bring huge recognition and sales to your marketing efforts!  But what if you don't know any famous movie stars or industry experts personally?  No worries!  Ask anyway!  I've found that those who succeed in life are those who are persistent and brave....that's definitely true for authors too.

Here are some steps to consider while you're working up your courage: 

1.  Reach for the stars!  Do a quick brainstorm of the celebrities or experts in your field and create a Wish List of everyone you would want to endorse your book or project.  Think big.  Of course, they should actually have something to do with your target audience, platform or subject matter.

2.  Do your homework about each famous person on your list so that when you write to them you can mention something specific they did that inspired you. 

3.  Make it easy for the celebrity to say yes to your request for an endorsement or testimonial by showing them 2-3 quotes you've written ahead of time that they could choose from.  Of course, don't offer the same quotes to everyone on your list; personalize them for each celeb.  Offer to do a video or written testimonial for them to use on their web site.

4. Don't think of yourself as a little peon.  Just be brave and ask!  The worst that can happen is they'll say no.  Most famous people love recognition and love to be quoted.

I found a cool web site that offers a paid membership access to celebrity contact information at    They have all kinds of examples of regular 'ole people like us and how their books, products, and fundraisers earned a LOT more money when they were endorsed by famous people.  Check it out!  Your new BFF celebrity may be waiting...

- Trina Boice -


Caledonia Lass said...

Holy cow and I thought querying and submitting would be the scary part of writing. Endorsements... eek!

J.O Jones said...

Hello, I would love to do a repost on this topic on my blog, I hope that's not stealing... New follower here.

Rebecca Talley said...

As long as you have permission from the author of the post and then link back to this blog then it's fine if you want to repost it.


Heather Ostler said...
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Heather Ostler said...

Great post, thanks!