Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We Never Quite Learning.

I’ve had the opportunity to be on the listening end of an on-line “Transformational Author Experience.” It has been well worth my time and the expense of downloading the scripts and recordings. I’d like to share with you some of Lisa Nichols comments.

Lisa Nichols is a bestselling author as well as a popular public speaker. Yet in high school she was told by her English teacher that she had to be the weakest writer she had ever met in her entire life. Her speech class teacher recommended that Lisa never speak in public.

When asked how she overcame the “You can’t write nor can you speak,” attack, her comment was, and I will paraphrase.

“Some motivation will come wrapped in sandpaper. Some of the things that inspire you the most aren’t covered with glittering gold and hearts all warm and fuzzy. While it’s disheartening that my educators would say such a thing, it became a challenge and at some point, it became my fuel. So, instead of having inspirational motivation, I had a little bit of ‘I’ll show you’ motivation.”

Lisa allowed this experience to be her fuel to change her situation from reasoning why not to—to why not. She went on to explain that she put a placeholder in her life. In her words, “This was the first 2 chapters of my life but the next 6 chapters are blank sheets of paper and I hold the pen in my hand. I can either copy and paste the past or I can re-write or write, for the first time, a new experience. And that’s what I chose to do.”

Lisa had much more advice and insight that has inspired me but it’s time to close my post. My eyes lids keep falling over my eyes because it’s almost Monday, midnight.

Everyone have a great Tuesday.