Monday, June 1, 2009

A Few Tidbits about Cindy Beck

By ... none other than Cindy Beck

For those who don't already know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Cindy Beck, and I'll be posting on the first Monday of the month. My most outstanding physical features are that I'm under-tall and mostly gray. (My hair, not my face.)

If you looked at the photo above—which was taken sometime in the last century—you might not have observed that I'm under-tall. Mostly because I'm kneeling. However, you probably did notice my cute dog, Corky Porky Pie, who pretty much looks the same today as he did then. I'm sure you'd like to know more about Corky Porky, but he can't type and I can, so you're stuck learning about me.

According to the census taker, my life officially started when I came into the world in Wisconsin. After that, because my dad served in the military, I grew up in several places in the United States.

In college, I majored in entomology (insects), graduating Sum Kinda Buggy from the University of Wyoming. However, I seldom share that information because then people want me to crawl under their homes to check for termites.

Although no one thought of me as funny in school—in fact, most people didn't even think of me at all—I fooled my classmates and grew up to write a humor column for a local Utah newspaper, the Sanpete Messenger.

Despite an irresistible inclination toward humor, my more serious articles and stories have appeared in the Ensign magazine, and in several national anthoglogies—Cup of Comfort for Horse Lovers, Cup of Comfort for Breast Cancer Survivors, and My Dad is My Hero.

My current project is a book called Mormon Mishaps and Mischief. It's co-authored with my good friend, Nichole Giles, and will be published by Cedar Fort in December 2009. The book contains anecdotes of the Saints at their funniest ... from an organist who falls alseep at the keyboard during Sacrament meeting, to a Father and Son Camp-out that accidentally includes lawn sprinklers.

(I'd like to interject here that Cedar Fort has some dynamite editors, who not only can edit half the world's manuscripts in a single bound, but also have a sense of humor.)

To read excerpts from my short stories, visit my website. Or, if you're in the mood for humor, visit my blog or the blog that Nichole and I co-author. You can also get updates on Mormon Mishaps and Mischief there.


Rebecca Talley said...

Under-tall? You never cease to make me laugh! Love your intro.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm looking forward to reading the book when it's released!

Cindy Beck said...

Rebecca and Tristi: Aw shucks, you two are so nice. Thanks for commenting!

And now ... I'm off to read what you've posted because I know it will be fun!

JoAnn Arnold said...

Under-tall. maybe that's what I should call my height. (barely 5') It was fun reading your post and getting to know you better.

Karlene said...

Or you could say you were over-short. ?

Looking forward to seeing your book.

Cindy Beck said...

JoAnn and Karlene: Thanks so much for commenting. And I believe Karlene's suggestion would work for both JoAnn and me ... we're not under-tall, we're over-short!

That sounds so much better. :)

Jillayne Clements said...

Your book sounds like a lot of fun. :0)

Nichole Giles said...

Hi Cindy! As always, fun post. I'd say it's nice to get to know you (you know, to try and feel like part of the "in" crowd) but I sort of already knew all that stuff. Isn't it amazing how well you get to know a person when you coauthor a book with them? Still, it was fun to read again. Your humor never gets stale.

Yahoo that we get to blog together again, though!

kersten campbell said...

Such a fun post! And so great to get to know you!

Cindy Beck said...

Jillayne, Nichole and Kersten: Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. It's wonderful to get to know all of you here at the Cedar Fort blog. (Although ... I already knew Nichole quite well and we make a great coauthoring team!:)