Thursday, June 4, 2009

Introducing... Jillayne Clements

Hello! My name is Jillayne Clements, and I'd love to share a little about myself. While growing up, I learned very quickly that the two halves of my brain were both right. This is great if you like to create things and daydream about plots while your teachers are talking, not so great if you ever need to know math or be logical. Creating characters and story lines (especially love stories) isn't my only passion. I also enjoy creating divine-tasting recipes that are actually healthy.

Though I graduated from USU years ago, I still daydream about plots and now recipes while doing my daily activities. It's a great way for me put life's stresses in perspective as long as I don't confuse the two and come up with some bizarre recipe like Hunk a Muffins.

I live in a small farming community in Utah with my husband and four children, where the only slow and go traffic we've ever experienced was getting stuck behind either a tractor or a local rancher taking his whole herd of cattle for a stroll down the entire road. But I enjoy the peace and the opportunity to have fruit trees and a garden.

My first published novel, Deadly Treasure, was release in March of this year. What made writing this story so fun for me was that it is based on actual Utah history, a history that greatly involved my husband's ancestor, Thomas Rhoades. It was so fun and rewarding to do the research on the history of the Lost Rhoades Mines. Now I have the opportunity to learn even more about the gold in Utah's mountains for the sequel. I am so excited to learn more, but that's only one reason why writing is so rewarding.


Rebecca Talley said...

I live in a small farming community too, so I know about getting stuck behind a tractor, a herd of cows, or lots of sheep.

Great post!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Are you publishing your recipes? I'd love to buy a copy of the book!

Jillayne Clements said...

Yes, the recipe book was submitted to Cedar Fort a while ago. I'm just waiting for the news. Hopefully it's good. :0)

Cindy Beck said...

Wow, "Hunk a Muffins." That sounds like it has possibilities to me. Would make a great culinary romance murder mystery! :)

Seriously, if you ever write it, I definitely want to buy it ... but you have to promise to put in a "Hunk a Muffin" recipe.

Jillayne Clements said...

Thanks, Cindy. A culinary romance murder mystery would be awesome. I can see it now. A character that's sweet, another that's sour, someone who's nuts, and someone who's got hot buns. What a fun idea, and of course I'll include recipes. =)

kersten campbell said...

Jillayne that picture of you is so beautiful!!