Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway, Bon Bons, and Dramatic Superhero Music

Imagine it: you've had a relaxing summer lounging by the pool, soaking in the sun and eating bon bons while your attentive and always-obedient children speak kindly to each other and fight for the opportunity to fan you. You've gotten through that entire To-Read list of fabulous books (which grew bigger throughout this month as you've heard of all the great books from the authors on this blog), your brain is all relaxed and happy-like and you think to yourself, Self, I'm ready to kick my brain in gear. If only I had a good non-fiction book.

Well, dear readers, I am here to save the day! (Cue dramatic superhero music.) With just a few presses of the keyboard and a click or two, you can be entered to win one of my two non-fiction books. You heard me right--you get to choose, you lucky, lucky blog readers!

Behind Door #1:

Enjoying the Journey: Steps to Finding Joy Now

As Latter-day Saints we strive for joy in eternal life -- but many struggle to find joy during the journey there. Let this book help you learn to rejoice and find more joy right here, right now. Clearing away the clutter, staying in touch, and living with purpose are only a few of the many tips this book provides to help you enjoy your journey through life. Specific steps in each chapter will guide you through important principles and help you apply them to your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Reach for your full potential as a child of God and find the joy the Lord intends for each of us during our journey back to His presence. Enjoying the Journey is a delightful and heartwarming message for any who need a lift.

And Behind Door #2:

Parenting the Ephraim's Child: Characteristics, Challenges, and Capabilities of Children Who Are Intenseley MORE

What is an Ephraim's Child?

Like those of the tribe of Ephraim, an Ephraim's Child has great determination, energy, and a headstrong will. Ephraim's Children are also often high maintenance, emotional, controlling, and aggravating. What other sources don't tell you is that these children are a special and covenant people. As Hyrum G. Smith declared, "Today is the day of Ephraim." These are the children of the final days when strength of character will be so crucial.

Parenting the Ephraim's Child: Characteristics, capabilities, and challenges of children who are intensely MORE examines the nine common characteristics with examples and real life stories to explain how each trait contributes to the challenge of raising an Ephraim's Child. Parents can understand and work with these temperamental traits, and then see how each is actually a strength in need of refinement. The scriptures and words of modern prophets are used extensively along with secular sources of wisdom to demonstrate how these qualities can be valuable tools in the Lord's hands. Ephraim's Children can be valiant in building the kingdom of God because of their characteristics, not despite them.

Choices! Choices!

The Rules
1. Comment on this post through the end of August.
2. In the comment, mention which book you'd like.
3. Include a funny anecdote about summer, your kids, etc. For example, last week I got involved writing and let my kids run amok for an hour (bad idea). Afterward, I found out they had a lot of fun with blue paint, and we're still scrubbing the front porch which looked like a Smurf murder scene.
4. If you don't want to do #3, then shameless compliments will suffice. You know, "Jaime, you are definitely the most talented cheese-eater I've ever known" or "I wish I could trip on nothing as gracefully as you do." Stuff like that.
5. Since I only post the third Monday of every month (I'll wait while you dash to your calendar to write it down) and you don't want to wait a *whole month* to see if you're the lucky winner, I'll do a quickie And the Winner Is... post on Sept. 1st.

Good luck!


Shauna said...

I would love to be entered to win Parenting the Ephraim's Child: Characteristics, Challenges, and Capabilities of Children Who Are Intenseley MORE
This summer I have started riding my bike more. As I was rounding the corner on my bike near a ward member's home I heard screaming and pretty soon saw the very young son of a friend. I called his name and waved hello through the fence and he stared open-mouthed at me for a minute before his brother called out explaining what was wrong. I picked up his toy that was on my side of the fence and gave it back to him, my good deed done for the day!

Shauna said...

oh, sorry, I think that was more cute than funny. Can't think of anything funny at the moment, sorry!

Jolynn said...

I would really like Enjoying the Journey.Many people are frustrated alot. It's nice to be grateful for the good things in life, instead of just noticeing the bad.
#3 This is something that happened this summer, but not that funny. I'm having real bad backaches, especially when sitting. We had planned a family vacation for June, and the closer it got the more I could tell my back wasn't getting better, and driving for 5 hrs. to Yellowstone would be miserable! I added up the cost of lodging, figured out abt. how much it would cost for gas, and added in meals. Our trip was going to cost abt. $800.00 a New Wii gaming console was abt.$350.00. I talked the family into buying the Wii instead of the trip. And my husband plays it more than anyone!

Shauna said...

This is a different Shauna, not the same one trying to boost my chances. The slightly nutty one that posted on your blog. Anyway... Both your books sound very interesting. But since I have go pick -I would love Parenting the Ephraims Child. We're already slightly worried about the 4 yr old. Speaking of which, funny anecdote.

She found some small, round, fuzzy, brown stickers. The kind that go on the cabinets to keep them from banging. We told her she couldn't have any -but she looked so sad my husband gave her one. Right in-between her eyebrows. Classic Hindu look. Fine, whatever. A couple days later I went in the basement and as she streaks by me I realize she has found the "stickers". She is wearing one again -in the classic Hindu spot. I go to talk to her sister and notice that she has been similarly adorned. Then I slowly look around and notice -it's no just them. Every single doll, and stuffed animal have the same exact thing. She's kooky -but I love her.

Becca said...

I don't want to know about how much more stubborn my children will become, so I would like Joy in the Journey.

My 20 month old learned how to say 'poo' this summer. It seemed like a great step toward potty training. Until she also learned how to undress and remove her diaper. One afternoon, she was particularly cranky and needed a diaper change. I got everything together and told her it was time to change her diaper. I got the pants off and she bolted from the room while undoing the velcro closing of her cloth diaper. I went for her when I heard that, but too late. The diaper went down, she stepped in it, and started freaking out because she stepped in poo. She tried wiping her foot on the floor, jumped in my arms and wiped her foot on me, then ran. Foot clean, rear not clean. I removed the dirty diaper, started and the footprints on the carpet and called my husband to warn him that he needed to not stay late at work.

He arrived as I was using the carpet cleaner on the floor. In retrospect its hilarious. At the time, it was an adrenaline rush. But hey, I steamed cleaned my carpet and they look better than before.

Impkatt said...

How could I pick just ONE? I would love for you the one you like the best. I know that seems cruel, to have the author pick, but you know YOUR favorite. I'm sure I will love it too. Texas, too hot...and never long enough.

Noble M Standing said...

I would really like the "Parenting the Ephirams Child" seeing I have at least two of them.

So for #3 We went to Mesa Verde this summer for our family trip. We have this little aluminum backpack that my husband carried the three year old in. We were waiting in line to go to balcony house and my three year old decided that the back pack was his hat and he wore it upside down on his head the whole time we waited. He wouldn't let anyone touch it.

Another funny thing, I called my three year old a chunky monkey. he turned to me and furrowed his brow. "Actually," he said, "my name is Noble." What a ham, where do three year olds learn words like actually?


Jaime Theler said...

I love your stories, everyone! Funny or not so much. :) Impkatt - how can you make me pick one! That's like making me to choose a favorite of my children!

Goldibug said...

Goodness you're making me choose between the two!? Oh alright. I'll pick Enjoying The Journey because finding joy in life is something I continually need reminding of. ;o)

Rachelle said...

Both of your books sound awesome. I've looked at the Ephraim's Child before and I really think I need to get my hands on it, so I'll pick that one to win. :)
Funny thing: Sometimes just hearing what comes out of my mouth while interacting with my children is funny, things like--Please don't brush the baby's teeth with YOUR toothbrush!
When you're done running through the sprinklers, come inside before you take your swimsuit off!
I know it's hot, but please get out of the fridge.
Jaime, I think you're wonderful, nice, cheerful, and even if I don't get picked to win I'll still think those things. :)