Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hidden Treasures

By Christine Thackeray

My parents went on their mission to South Africa and told the story of a poor native boy who found a large unusual stone about the size of a human head and took it home with him. The family used it as a doorstop. One day years later two geologists came to his village and were surprised to discover the stone was one of the largest uncut diamonds ever found. For years the family had been scrounging for food and barely making ends meet when right below their noses they had something of such worth they could have been living in a palace.

I think too often we are the same way. We live our lives focusing on all the things we don't have or haven't done when there are treasures all around us that we either don't appreciate or don't even recognize.

I think one of those treasures for me has been finding my voice as a writer. I've given myself permission to explore the things I'm interested in at my own pace and it's been a delightful journey of discovery.

I'm curious what your diamonds are.


Shauna said...

I love this thought. We all have some talent, that like an undiscovered gem, is just waiting to be polished.

Rebecca Talley said...

I love this post. I don't really focus on what I don't have because I don't care much about that, but I do focus on what I want to get done and haven't yet(I'm a big list person), and miss out on simple things going on around me.


Diony said...

Thanks Christine, I love little inspiring stories and quotes. Thanks for sharing!

kersten campbell said...

Loved this post!