Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Shameless Plug

By Trina Boice

Alrighty! Time for the shameless plug! I have a new book that just hit store shelves last week! Woohoo! Happy Dance!   Pour the sparkling cider!  Hooray Cedar Fort Books!

While releasing a new book is extremely exciting for any author, it’s also a bit of an awkward time for us. We’re so thrilled about our little creation that we feel like screaming hallelujah at the top of our lungs and telling anyone who walks within 200 feet of us every last detail about the writing/publishing process that led us to this climax. At the same time, we also feel hesitant to open our mouths, because we’re afraid we’ll come off as obnoxious salesmen and "vomit" our happy news to people who really don't care.

Writing a book is very much like giving birth.  It's a long, exhausting process and one filled with excitement, worry, elation, and fear.  And every minute is worth it when you see your new baby for the first time.  I can't decide which I like better: the creation process of actually writing a manuscript or finally being able to present my book to the world.  One thing I definitely love is having written something that will forever prove that I was here.   My children are my legacy, but so are the written words I leave behind. 

Shameless plug moment:  My newest book is entitled "Ready Resource for Relief Society."  It's meant to be a helpful tool for LDS members who teach Relief Society lessons in 2010.  The course of study for next year is the recently revised "Gospel Principles" manual.  Back to basics! 

You can find all 7 of my books at LDS bookstores online and in a neighborhood bookstore near you!  To read more about them, check out my author web site at:


ali said...

Congratulations Trina!