Monday, February 1, 2010

The Nothing Box

By C.L. (Cindy) Beck

There's no doubt about it, men and women think differently. A man can walk past a piece of lint that's on the floor and never see it ... even though it's the size of Chicago. A woman, on the other hand, notices every piece of lint, string, or dust in the universe.

If a group of fans composed of all men and one woman were watching Keanu Reeves filming The Matrix: Sequel 25, the guys would be cheering and clapping over the manly stunts. The woman would be staring at Keanu's black overcoat, then interrupt the filming by walking up to him with scissors in hand and saying, "Excuse me, but you've got this little piece of thread hanging from your collar. Let me just cut that for you."

In light of that, and because this video is so hilarious, I'm posting it for your enjoyment, as well as for your edification. You never know when you might need to reference the thoughts contained therein for your next male character.


On a more serious note, the plight of the poor Haitians seems to be growing worse by day, and my heart breaks for them. I'm posting an offer here that I posted on my personal blog. In an effort to help, I'll be donating $1.00 to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Emergency Response Fund and/or to the Red Cross for every comment that's made on this particular blog article. The offer is good from now until Feb 5, for up to a total of $200 (total for both my personal blog article and this article). Let me know in your comment if you have a preference on those two charities.

If you don't have any cash to spare for the Haitian people, now's your chance to have $1.00 donated to Haitian relief by simply leaving a comment here. Multiple comments by the same person will only be counted once, but feel free to have your friends drop by so their comments can be counted as well.



Daron D. Fraley said...

This is a great idea Cindy. Thanks for doing this!

Kicks and Giggles said...

Very thoughtful of you--thanks!

kersten campbell said...

Wow! Wonderful Idea!

Cindy (C.L.) Beck said...

Daron, Kicks and Giggles, and Kersten: Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. Where would I be without you? :)