Sunday, January 31, 2010

Help for Haiti

By Trina Boice

Here at the Writing Fortress, our hearts are heavy because of the recent deaths and destruction in Haiti.

Today's blog is a little bit different.
I'm the National Director of Marketing for a company that manufactures and distributes the best water filters in the world.  (Shameless plug for Multi-Pure Corporation!)  During the past three weeks I have had many conversations with organizations all over the world who are racing to give aid to the people of Haiti. It has been heart-breaking and inspiring to learn about how so many are working hard to bring relief to those who are suffering.

My company, Multi-Pure, has been sending hundreds of emergency water filters to Haiti in the last three weeks in the suitcases of volunteers we have identified who are traveling to the country with several different relief organizations, followed by a very large shipment of thousands of specially-designed filters for Haiti.

We feel very grateful to have such an important product to offer to people who are struggling with the very basics of survival. Clean water is one of the very first concerns in a disaster. We're proud to be able to contribute a tool that can make such an important difference in people's lives.

If you are traveling to Haiti soon and would like to include some of our emergency filters in your suitcase for delivery, please contact me to make arrangements. I encourage you to make monetary donations to some of the organizations that are functioning at full speed on Haitian soil already, such as UNICEF, Red Cross, LDS Humanitarian, Hope for Haiti, and AMURT.

Besides simply donating money, most people want to know what else they can do to help.  Use your writing skills!   Write letters to companies to see if they are helping out and thank them when they say yes.  Write to organizations who want to help but might not have all of the resources and help them connect with others who can offer their assistance: there are companies with supplies that need funding for shipping.   There are willing doctors and nurses who need airfare.  You can be a literary force for good!  It is easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with such a devastating disaster, but there is much good one person can do.
Our prayers are filling the heaven-ward skies on behalf of the Haitian people. Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight.

- Trina -