Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Learn From Each other

JoAnn Arnold

Today I'm blogging from Nampa, Idaho, where Brent and I are watching over 5 grandsons while their parents vacation in Hawaii - though I might add, the day of the tsunami warnings, they spent most of the day in their hotel room waiting until the warning was lifted so they could board the cruise ship that could not come back into port until all was well again.

To say that I'm just a little (what's the word I'm looking for?) Not brain-dead but close. The physical responsibility of keeping up with school events, band concerts, basketball games, and Pow Wows, along with laundry, meals, making sure everyone is safe and well, has my brain working on another level, Therefore, today, my block will be very simple.

Becky, I will miss your blogs and I think I'll visit your humor blog.

Christine, Thank you for blogging about copyright laws.

Jullayne, I thought your idea of writing a letter to certain characters, getting their input into the storyline was a Cool idea.

Something I have found in my life's experiences is that we learn some of the most important lessens from each other. During my battle with breast cancer, sitting beside someone who was going through the same thing, gave me a deeper understanding of the road we would travel, together.

Standing beside another student in an art class who was trying as hard as I was to make the tree look like a tree, gave me more understanding of color and brush stroke.

Reading another author's ideas and struggles in an effort to write a book helps me understand that I'm not alone in my quest.

Last night, for FHE, the boys wanted to watch the move, "Miracle." If you haven't seen it, it's the true story of the 1980 USA Hockey Team's triumph Olympic victory over the Soviet union. Starting with a handpicked group of undisciplined kids, Coach Brooks teaches them to play like they have never played before. He makes them believe they can achieve the unachievable. It takes 8 months of constant,unbelievably physical, emotional and mental work, and months of stumbling and pulling together. But they find themselves not only learning from Coach Brooks, but from each other, as well, and they become the miracle in the 1980 Olympics.

Though the movie was about a hocky team, the same philosophy applies to all aspects of life. We may stumble in the persuit of a dream, of a miracle, but if we simply pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, and continue down the path, learning from each other, we will find that which we are truly looking for.

Have a very good day


Rebecca Irvine said...

There should be a better term for feeling almost brain dead. Maybe we should coin one? Have fun with your grandkids, but be sure to get some rest when you get home!

Christine Thackeray said...

I'm so impressed with all you do. Wow, watching five boys is a handful. I know.