Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

By Trina Boice

The first word my 4th son learned when he was about one year old was "Mama".   He didn't say another word until he was two.  I felt like the most important person in the world to be given such an honor.  Moms are usually the ones who teach us to speak and to read.  While I hope my children will remember the many times I read books to them when they were little, the reality is that what they do remember are the many times I fell asleep trying to read to them because I was utterly exhausted!  Not until then did I fully appreciate my own mother.

So what gift could we possibly give to our mothers who have sacrificed and given so much?  One of the most luxurious treats a mom can receive is a hot bubble bath with soft music playing in the background, candle light, a piece of decadent chocolate, and a good book to read while soaking in the tub. It's even more relaxing if she knows the kids are being taken care of and the dishes are done. (Hint, Hint)  Oh yeah, and flowers!

What a mom REALLY wants for Mother's Day is to know that her children are good and that they're going to contribute to making the world a better place. All mothers want to leave a legacy of love. You can show your mom that her love will continue long after she's gone by the way you treat other people and the earth. 

Words are powerful things.  The words that leave your mouth reveal your character and values.  Make sure they include "I love you" and "Thank you" today.  For a little inspiration as you write your Mother's Day card, check out the following web sites:

Have a wonderful day!