Sunday, November 7, 2010

Running Out Of Ideas?

                                                                  By Trina Boice

Wow, my head is spinning and it's not because I just did a bunch of somersaults with my son.  I just spent two days at the Self Reliance Expo in Utah as one of the presenters and now have a bunch of new ideas swimming around in my head.  I also checked out the Women's Expo next door and yes, I spent some money. 

I get the biggest kick out of expos.  I absolutely love the free swag the vendors pass out, but what I really love is talking to people who are passionate about a new product or idea.  The energy is palpable at these events and the exchange of information is wonderfully stimulating.  Sure, people are there to demonstrate their wares and sell you stuff, but it's more than that; knowledge is being given freely and there is hope and vision in the air.

If you ever feel like you're running out of fresh ideas to write about or you're experiencing an uninspiring writer's stupor, wander over to your nearest expo and start talking to people.  I promise you'll find things to write about! 

By the way, to find out when the next Self Reliance Expo is, check out their web site at


Michael Knudsen said...

There is certainly no shortage of great characters at those expos!