Monday, May 23, 2011

The Least Likely Places

by Cheri Chesley

My daughter--this beautiful creature here--and I were out for a drive Friday and, of course, talking. Really, because getting my kids to stop talking is quite the feat. :) My big van doesn't have a working radio, so we had to (gasp) communicate.

One of her favorite movies right now is How to Train Your Dragon. I tell you this because one of her favorite lines is one Gobber says: "Trolls exist; they steal your socks. But only the left ones. What's up with that?" The first few times I heard that line, I laughed. But now, I'm pretty over it. It got us thinking, though.

Why just left socks? And, if it's trolls stealing your socks, why haven't we seen them?

So we started brain storming. And now, it looks like we're going to write a book together. I'm excited. It's not going to be a long book--maybe it will just be a picture book--but we've solved the mystery of the missing socks.

Her best friend right now is the daughter of my friend who has cancer. My daughter has chosen to name the main character in the book after her friend. How cute is that?


Angie said...

Love that movie. And that line. How sweet that you are writing a book together!