Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do You Reward Bad Behavior?

               by Trina Boice

Personal note to Arnold Schwarzenegger: Zip up your pants, be a REAL man, and pay Maria Shriver's attorney's fees for the divorce YOU caused. Reports from MSN report that the unfaithful husband refuses to pay Maria spousal support or attorney fees. Granted, she may not really NEED the money, but it seems like such a slap in the face to the woman who put up with all of his disgraceful womanizing for so many years.

If Arnold is concerned at all about repairing his reputation, he may want to reconsider. Joseph Baena, Arnold's love child with his former housekeeper, said "Cool" when he was told who his real father is. Most movie-going audiences, however, are not having the same reaction.

Reuters announced that Schwarzenegger is shopping a new installment of the cyborg hit "Terminators." Will YOU see Arnold's next movie or will you voice your opinion of disgust by refusing to use your hard-earned money to buy a movie ticket? Are Americans forgiving or do we hold a grudge? Do other countries forgive and forget celebrity scandals easier?

How often do you embrace or reject a movie based on how you feel about the movie stars in the film? Does a celebrity's personal character (or lack thereof) dictate which TV shows or movies you support? Should they? Do you love to watch "naughty boys" on the big screen? Did I love Arnold's previous movies? Of course. Will I watch any future ones? I don't know.

Christian churches have worked fairly hard in the past decade to stand by their convictions and support decent, less-advertised movies in order to reward value-driven studios and encourage them to produce more of the same. Do you? Is it working? We can definitely vote for good or bad behavior with our wallets. Do we do the same when it comes to authors? How about politicians?  Should we expect more of our legislators whom we give our trust to lead and protect our nation?

Is talent valued more than character? A Hollywood scandal used to damage a celebrity's ability to work in Tinsel Town, but not anymore. As they say "Bad press is better than no press." What can we do to reward honor and integrity in the industry?  We can always vote with our wallets.


Marsha Ward said...

When an actor's behavior is less than I can stomach, I do not watch further works. I prefer to reward good behavior and those who are earnestly seeking to uplift. That's why I'm going to try out a show tonight (Saturday) that I just became aware of: Dry Creek, set in Florida's frontier days. It's on Saturday, 7:30 Eastern on Dish 240 and DirecTV 608. Join me?

Ooo, word ver: stabil!

Stephanie Abney said...

Your point is well-taken and I agree. Good post.

Caledonia Lass said...

I have to agree. I am not likely to go pay for a movie that has an actor/actress that I have lost respect for.
Most authors are so reclusive, though, that I don't know how public their scandals would be or if they would even leave the house to have one. :)
Great post.