Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Dreams are YOU Pursuing?

By Jodi Robinson, speaker and author of "Women of Virtue"

My post today is inspired by a quote from award-winning author, Josi Kilpack.

"God gives us bits and pieces of the gifts [or talents] we need to develop. It’s not an easy journey, and sometimes it doesn’t seem as though it’s worth it, but it is. Life will march on whether we are pursuing our dreams or not. Pursue." --Josi Kilpack, Author

It's a new year! A new beginning. So, I have a question to ask.  Are you pursuing your dreams?

I'm not an "achieving your dreams expert" by any means. I haven't risen to high acclaim and one might look at my life and say, "'s pretty ordinary."  So, what can I offer the dream weavers of this universe? What do I have to say about pursuing one's dreams?

Well, I have dreams of my own and I can honestly say I pursue my dreams. In many ways, I feel that I have achieved at least a few of them already (and I'm not done, yet.) These dreams may not make the news or headline some celebrity talk show, but that's not how I measure the success of my dreams. That's because I believe dreams are about perspective. How we "see" what we are given and how we use what we are given to achieve.

I agree with Josi that we are given god-given talents and it is up to us to use them for good. My dream is to do the best I can with the talents God gave me and to use them for His purposes. I know that if I do that I'll be happy and achieve my dreams.

Dreams aren't made solely for celebrities or millionaires. They're for you and for me. Ordinary people who get and go to work; raise families and attend church.  Dreams stretch us. Grow us and help us to reach upward to that divine source, which is constantly calling out to us to remind us that our talents are needed in a world such as ours.

Life will march on with or without you and your dreams, so don't put off them off for some rainy day.  Put your dreams to good use. And don't worry if how you define your dreams differently than the outside world defines them. For me, mothering four children, keeping up with a husband, and nurturing good friendships, as well as keeping up with my writing projects, are all part of living my dream. I've learned that my dream isn't so much about the dream itself as it is the dreamers I am so lucky to dream with.

May you find happiness as you pursue your dreams.  As my Italian grandmother would say, "Salute!" To your health and well-being in a brand new year. May all your dreams come true.