Monday, January 11, 2010

Writing Prompts from Afar

By Nichole Giles

I almost didn’t post a blog this week. As you read this, I’m out of town, spending time with my family, far away from the cold weather of Utah. But I’m one of those people who can’t stand the idea of ignoring a deadline. Even a minor one, like a commitment to post a blog.

So today I’m going to share some writing prompts to help your writing along. If you use them, comment here and let me know if these helped you spread your writing wings this week. Good luck and until next time, write on.

Prompts taken from a very inspirational book, The Pocket Muse, Endless Inspiration by Monica Wood.

1. Most human systems—families, companies, clubs, apartment buildings, political movements, governments, theater productions—include one key person without whom the whole thing would probably collapse. Write about a human system whose key person has just checked out.
2. What’s the most you ever paid for something you didn’t want? Write about why you forked over the dough.
3. Write about two people trying to fit into a space (physical or metaphorical) meant for one.

**Check my personal blog this week for a big announcement and a contest.


ali said...

Sometimes prompts are just the thing you need to get your writing to flow. Thanks Nichole! Enjoy your vacation!