Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's all about connecting

                                                                    By Trina Boice

Writing a best-selling book is all about connecting...connecting with the reader through a great story, memorable characters, inspiring messages, and creating an experience that leaves the reader wanting to read more of your words.

Marketing a best-selling book is all about connecting...and in the world of SEO, the magic connection that draws readers to your web site these days is linking.  I just discovered this awesome, new tool that puts your link-building on auto-pilot!  IMautomator is a free social bookmarking tool that couldn't be easier.  You just enter the URL you'd like to bookmark and then IMautomator extracts the title, description and tags, and then sets up a submission schedule for automatic submission.  Pretty cool.   And no, I don't make any money by telling you about this helpful web site.

Another tool I found is SocialAdr.  It's a little more complex to understand, but just about as easy to use.  It's a bookmarking community where you will bookmark other people's content and they reciprocate.  Like IMautomator, you can pay extra for more features, but you can definitely get the job done with their free accounts.

OnlyWire has been around longer than the other two services, but involves some downloading and a few extra steps.   I'm still learning how to use all of these online tools and it often leaves me overwhelmed with all that I still need to do.  One day at a time, Baby.

If you're in to this whole linking concept, then you might really go nuts with this list of bookmarking sites that pay.   (You're welcome.)

There are plenty more, but that should get you started.  Whew!  So much to little time.  You're already sitting at your computer, writing the Great American Novel, so you might as well put that keyboard to work with your marketing efforts.   Have fun out there!


Michael Knudsen said...

Now that's some stuff I can use, Trina! With several other guys who share my name having strong online presences, I need every advantage I can get to drive people to the only Michael Knudsen who is an author! Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca Talley said...

I'm going to check all this out. Thanks!!!

Rebecca Talley said...

Michael Kundsen I would like to email you, but I can't find a way to contact you on your website.

Michael Knudsen said...

I dropped in at your blog, Rebecca.