Monday, October 25, 2010

The Wonders of the Human Mind

I had a great many writerly things going through my mind near the end of last week.

Sigh. I really should write these things down.

As a ponder the upcoming release of my first novel (less than 40 days now), my thoughts have turned to my newest project--the second book in the series. Since blogging about it previously, that book has changed. I cut THE WILD QUEEN completely from the trilogy, and am now moving forward with THE TYRANT KING. To complete the trilogy, I added THE LOST PRINCESS. I'm excited, since it promises to be an action packed story.

I worry less about plotting now. A lot of things have started to become second nature. The trouble is, when revisions come along, it's harder now for me to know what to do first. Thank goodness for writers' conferences, because I took heavy notes last time I sat in on a class about revisions.

This week, I'm actually holding a pre-sale booth at the Ben Franklin Academy fundraiser. Wish me luck! :)