Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being Grateful for Each Day

JoAnn Arnold

Yesterday, I was one of several models for a fashion show at the Jubilee of Trees, in St. George. My sponsor - Christopher and Banks. Now, this wasn't just any fashion show but one to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. Those of us who are Survivors, were given a pink rose to carry with us as we modeled. While we waited in the wings, friendships were made and stories shared.

One thing I believe we survivors all have in common is the fact that after experiencing Breast Cancer, we view the world with a different prospective. We are more thankful than we were before. More aware of life and what it brings to us. We find that we have more courage than we thought we had. We are aware that this life threatening disease could find us again. But knowing that fact makes life even more precious to us . . . more meaningful. It makes us love our spouse, our children and grandchildren with more intensity. It makes us want to accomplish something worthwhile.

The quote (and I'm not sure who said it): "It's not life that matters. It's the courage that we bring to it," is a quote I have in plain sight on my desk. The point is that it was there before my experience with breast cancer. It was there to encourage me as an author. But I found it's meaning to be much the same in both cases.

As authors, we want to accomplish something worthwhile, and we find that it takes courage to put our work out for the criticism or the delight of those who read it. But that's life. It's a life we view through an author's creative eye, and we love what we do with great intensity.

Thanksgiving is just two days away, and I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and, because of the weather report, drive carefully if you are traveling. If you are flying . . . if you are flying . . . how do I put it? If you are flying, I guess you will just have to bare with it.


Steve said...

Happy Thanksgiving!