Monday, April 25, 2011

Remembering Why I'm Here

by Cheri Chesley

I think we all have dreams of hitting it big, of selling thousands--if not hundreds of thousands--copies of our books the first or second time out. While all of that would be wonderful, I'm not going to deny it, it's important not to let those ideas distract us from what we're really doing.

At my sons' birthday party this week, one of the party goers admitted she was on her 5th time reading my book.

At a school visit recently, one of the girls who had me sign her bookmark insisted that I didn't see her, or look at her, once during my presentation. I had to tell her not only did I see her, but the saying on her shirt almost distracted me.

We may never know how far our influence will reach. We may never see the person we are most meant to impact. But they are out there, and as long as we pursue our goals with the right ideas in mind--staying true to our beliefs and following God's plan for us--then we are a success.

We may never be able to retire on our book income, but that is not the standard by which we should measure.

At least, that's what I try to remind myself. Sometimes daily.

It's a rough path we've chosen. The more our books are out there, the more negative reviews get mixed in with the positive. And it's hard not to dwell. It's difficult not to stray slightly in our focus. It's all about staying true to the path, and trusting things will work out the way they should. Even if that doesn't exactly match our hopes or dreams. :)

I needed this reminder last night, as I sat down to edit and was just so full of despair that I ended up going to bed. Not a good night, but I think we all have nights like that. I lost my focus a bit and let the negative overwhelm the positive.

There's still nothing else I'd rather do with my life than write and publish books. Come what may, it's what makes my heart sing.

I don't think I'm alone in that.


Rambling Scribbler said...

You are not alone in that, I find that most writers need this reminder every once in a while, if not constantly.

Rebecca Talley said...

Not alone at all. I just blogged about this on my personal blog. I think we feel pressure to sell a lot of books to deem ourselves a success, but in reality, if we touch someone else with our words or stories then we are successful.

JoAnn Arnold said...

I agree. But what I appreciated in your blog is that in reading it, I realized I wasn't alone. I appreciated Rebecca's comment.