Sunday, March 18, 2012

How do you make money as a writer?

                                                                  by Trina Boice

Have you discovered Steve Harrison yet?  He's awesome.  I've been listening to his teleseminars for over a year now and am so impressed with the great quality content he shares for free.

Are you where you want to be as an author, speaker or expert in your field?
Are you getting as much publicity as you should?
Are you selling as many books as you should?
Are you getting the recognition you deserve as one of the top experts in your field?
Are you making the level of income you should?
Are you having the impact on others you should?
Are you hearing from lots of people about how your work has changed their lives for the better?

If not, let Steve Harrison, show you some faster -- often MUCH faster -- ways to get where you want to be.
Join Steve on Wednesday, March 21st for a free webinar (or telephone seminar) on which he’ll be revealing
'Fast Track Promotion Strategies for Authors, Speakers and Experts.'      You can register with this link

Here's just some of what you’ll discover on Wednesday:
* A proven way to land speaking engagements much more quickly. Steve used this strategy to speak to over 1,000 people at a conference with Brian Tracy.
* A key strategy the author of 'Skinny Bitch' used to make her book a New York Times Best Seller with over
2 million copies in print.
* What to write in your subject header when emailing the media. Steve will reveal a 'magic phrase' which got a producer from the Today Show to call a few hours later wanting to book the guest.
* How a job search expert was able to stand out from all the other job experts out there and sell 10,000 books in three weeks by using one technique Steve taught him.
* How to overcome any fear or hesitancy you have about promoting yourself. Steve will reveal a simple but profound principle which changed his life and has helped him generate millions of dollars over the last 20 years.
* How to get on your local TV in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. Steve will share how one of my clients didn’t even know who to contact but three hours later the local news crew was interviewing him.
* Years ago when Steve and his brother/partner Bill were first working together in their two-bedroom apartment, struggling to pay their bills, they discovered an important marketing lesson which took them from struggling to successful. He'll share it with you because he knows it will help you too.
* How to write and publish your books much more quickly. The surprising difference that allows million dollar authors to be much more productive and achieve success faster than everybody else.

Again, go here now to register for Wednesday's webinar or telephone seminar:
I'll be listening to it too!


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