Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just the Right Book!

Each Christmas we give each child at least 2 books. This makes me feel like a good parent because even though good fiction is entertainment it can also be educational. Sometimes I really get in the bookgiving mood but I struggle to know exactly what book to buy. Have you ever faced this dilema? There is a website called Just The Right Book! that can help you in choosing that perfect gift.

It seems that the days of going to bookstores and browsing by category/genre/author may be disappearing before our eyes but at this virtual bookstore you can answer questions about the preferences of your intended reader to help you choose the right book. What is the readers age? Interests? Favorite authors? Favorite genres? By doing a little sleuthing (ie. checking their bookshelf, goodreads, or simply asking about their favorite books) you can answer these questions and allow the website to identify just the right book for that reader. You can do it as a one time gift or a monthly subscription. Cool concept. And if you are only shopping for yourself but find that you're in a rut, try it out yourself and see what book is right for you.

I had never heard of this site until a couple of days ago when an article in Publishers Weekly told the story of how this website is expanding. At the bottom of the article it also mentioned that the website is running a contest on their Facebook page where people have a chance to vote for their favorite authors in head-to-head match ups. I was shocked to see that I was listed in 1 of the first 4 match-ups. I am matched up against no less than Pulitzer Prize winning author Anne Tyler. Hardly a fair contest in terms of literary accomplishment but it's fun nonetheless. The concept of the site and this Peoples Choice style of voting- you can click here to vote for me- is intriguing and I am happy for help in discovering new books for the readers in my life.

Good luck to you as you search for Just The Right Book! for yourself or for your favorite readers.

On an unrelated matter- My new youth novel, Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island had it's official release yesterday. This may be just the right book for you or your juvenile reader looking for some adventure!

2 comments: said...

Thanks so much for your kind words of support! We love discovering and recommending books and authors like yourself and will certainly be sending Crater Lake out to some of our Young Adult subscribers.
All the ebst,
Beth Clay
Just the Right Book

Steve Westover said...

You're welcome, Beth. Best of luck on the site expansion!