Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By Love or By Sea by Rachel Rager

by Rebecca Talley

By Love or By Sea
Rachel Rager

From the back cover:

When a mysterious and ragged sailor appears in the seaside town where Alice Lind Frank lives with her grandparents, Alice is shocked to learn that the sailor is her childhood love, Caleb, who she thought was lost at sea. She yearns to trust him again, but what about her plans to marry Clarence Hielott, the wealthy shipyard owner? When Clarence exposes the secrets of Caleb s past, Alice realizes that the boy she once knew is now a man with a dark history. Can she trust Caleb with her heart once again? And what will she do about Clarence? Find out in this thrilling and adventurous love story.

I enjoyed reading this sweet love story. I also enjoyed being taken back in time and experiencing the adventure. By Love or By Sea is a fun story filled with interesting characters. From the slimy Clarence to the innocent Alice to the ruggedly handsome Caleb to the feisty Betsy Winters.

I loved the character of Betsy Winters and learning why she was so rude and mean in the beginning. I thought Rachel Rager created a believable character as well as developed a realistic storyline that unraveled at just the right pace. I loved how Alice, the main character, was spunky enough and determined enough to find out more about the town's meanest citizen.

This is an enjoyable book and I recommend it.


Becky said...

Love the cover--and the title reminds me of Paul Revere.

Rachel Rager said...

Thanks so much, Rebecca! What a nice review! The cover was actually painted by my cousin. So that was lots of fun! the original painting is on my blog.

Rebecca Talley said...

You're welcome. Thanks for letting me read it.

Larry Hammersley said...

Great review, Rachel. What a talented artist for your cover. Love triangles are always interesting and your background makes it even more so. Larry