Thursday, September 10, 2009

Writing from the Heart

The other day, my daughter was asking what Michael Jackson used to be like, so for fun, we went to YouTube and watched an interview with him back in 1983. I had never seen an interview with him before, I just used to like some of his songs way back when, so I was surprised at what I heard. One thing he said, when asked how he comes up with his amazing songs, is that he writes them from his heart, and that he is his happiest when he is creating.

Now, I didn't realize that I had anything in common with Michael Jackson before, but his comments touched me. I am my happiest when I'm creating, and my writing seems to flow better and come more easily when I write from my heart.

But I don't believe his message applies only to writing music or books. There are endless possibilities in what we can create, and doing so is one of the most satisfying feelings we can have, especially when we do it with our hearts.


Christine Thackeray said...

Reminds me of Uchdorf's talk on creation. My mother kept a beautiful home. When I inheridted her furniture I thought my house would look like hers. Nope. She had the gift for creating a beautiful home. It was her creation and I appreciate that talent (which she didn't pass on.) I agree that creation takes many forms.