Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Believing in Ourselves

I've been doing a little research in a book entitled "On Being the Creator of Your Own Destiny. One chapter tells we that we create our own beliefs. We can create beliefs that support us, or not.

I would like to add something. I believe that what we dream helps to make us what we are. Dreams fill our imaginations, and it is the imagination that gives us power to believe that we can become that which is our destiny.

Bernard Edmonds said, "To dream anything that you want to dream; that is the beauty of the human mind. to do anything that you want to do; that is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test you limits; that is the courage to succeed.

In my book, Prince Etcheon and the Secret of the Ancient, I believe these very things are proof of his destiny. First he is given the dream, then the strength of will, and finally the trust of those who have prepared him, as he finds himself battling the evil tricks of magic in order to save his people.

His mentors include two Great Danes, a panther, a two-headed lamb, an owl, a horse, a beautiful princess, and the ancient of trees. What they teach him makes him more powerful than the evil and twisted wizard he must battle in order to reach the kingdom he must save. But it's not only the wizard he has to contend with. An equally wicked King, who holds his mother and father prisoners, watches for his arrival.

Now, I would like to give a copy of "Prince Etcheon and the Secret of the Ancint" to someone. But who will it be. If you are interested simply e-mail me at

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