Monday, December 6, 2010

Growing up Gracie by Maggie Fechner Giveaway

by Rachael Renee Anderson

Growing up Gracie is charm in a book. It was like reading a modern day Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea all rolled into one. Filled with humor, depth, strong bonds of friendship, and yes, romance (my favorite), Maggie takes the reader on an adventure so real and poignant, it will make you wish you grew up in a small town.

And not only is her book wonderful, but she is too.

Me: When I read a book I always wonder how much of the author is in the main character. Are you anything like Gracie? And if so, what are the two biggest similarities?

Maggie: A lot of people who know me now think I am Gracie. But those who knew me growing up know I wasn't at all. I come from a smaller family and I always envied those huge families. My parents are great, but only one of them is a member of the church. At times we weren't completely active when I was growing up.

Also, I often wanted to be with the more popular crowd instead of staying true like Gracie did. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a Chelsea, but I was somewhere in between.

I DID grow up in Cody though, and I do LOVE that place with all my heart. I DID have great friends too and I DID marry an amazing man who was shy as heck until he came out of his shell (and I think he did have some dorky glasses back in high school although I didn't know him then).

Me: Ooohh, I love romantic stories. How did you meet your hubby?

Maggie: We have a fun story. The first time I saw Dan we both lived in Washington. He came driving up to a singles ward canoeing activity in a huge black truck and I thought, "now this looks like a Wyoming guy, I think I could like him." We dated for a few weeks and broke up because he was just so shy he would barely talk. THEN with the pressure of being boyfriend/girlfriend off, his shyness faded away and we became absolute best friends. About six months later I had plane tickets to go into the Americorp in Maryland and was getting ready to go. Dan surprised me by proposing. We weren't even dating! Now that took guts. I said yes and the rest is history.

Me: So cute! It's the perfect love story and your husband sounds as wonderful as you. I love it! Now maybe it's because I grew up in a city, but I have to know, have you ever milked a cow or gone cow-tipping?

Maggie: Never milked a cow. Never gone cow tipping. I have been on pack trips and things like that, but my family was a town family, not a country one. That's another thing I always wished for. Now that I think about it, it seems like Gracie isn't me, but was the me I wished I was when I was a kid. :)

Me: That's what makes writing so fun, isn't it? But you do more than write, don't you? In fact, I've decided that you are far too talented, so if you had to choose between writing and photography, which would it be?

Maggie: Ooh tough one. Photography is definitely more expensive, but also pays a lot better. ha ha. I guess if I HAD to choose I'd write still and give up photography (as a business). But there's no way I'd stop photographing my kids and you couldn't pry my camera from my fingers if you tried. It's one of my babies!

Me: So funny, and I can see why. You are an exceptionally gifted photographer as well. And I'm so glad to hear you'd never give up writing. Do you have any more books in the works? Please say yes.

Maggie: I currently have three projects in the works. One The Letters Never Sent is a mainstream family saga that is currently in revision stages. Second is another book about the All-Mormerican Family the Fremonts! This one will focus on Danielle, one of Gracie's older sisters. I hope to eventually write one on each of the six kids. And last I have a start on another novel called Ever After Emmy that is a mainstream romance based in the 1950s.

Me: I love your titles, and your writing style, and can't wait to read them all. Hurry, hurry, hurry! :) And for anyone who's looking for a wonderful book to curl up and get cozy with, definitely check out Growing up Gracie by Maggie Fenchner.

Enter to win a copy here: Rachael Renee Anderson


Michael Knudsen said...

I got Growing Up Gracie to read myself, but as soon as my 18-year-old daughter saw the cover she made off with it and I haven't seen it since. Must be a good read.