Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anything Is Possible

By Christine Thackeray

As some of you may know, I've been in bed off and on for weeks with a stupid back that won't forget I overdid it. Any day I do too much, it reminds me and begins to seize. It's like having a new baby only not as cute, in that I have to nurse it and inconveniently change my schedule to care for this part of my body that has to be succored to the point that it becomes all consuming. I hope I'll pass this stage and eventually return to a whole person.

Terrible analogy, I know, and not what I wanted to talk about but pain meds make us say the darndest things. So I leave, despite my back, on vacation in four days and wanted to do some booksignings on my latest release, "Lipstick Wars". It's my best book ever and a great Book Club Selection because there are so many valid questions it raises about perfectionism, the isolationism of mothering, diversity in friendship and whether service really makes a long-term difference.

When I called Sheralyn our fabulous PR person she said that the books had not been ordered by stores yet, although they are in the warehouse and bowed my head, thinking, oh well. Then I had a friend tell me about Eborn books. They will let you bring your books and do signings on consignment. Wa-hoo. Now I have four pre-release signings set up and am thrilled about it.

See, nothing is impossible with good friends to give you a few pointers and a little persistance. You can order the book now from and hopefully it will be in most LDS bookstores in the next few weeks.