Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sister Book

Over the past few months, I have had the incredible opportunity to write a middle grade book with my two sisters. We started this book as something fun to do in our spare time, each taking our turns to write a chapter, and just letting our imaginations run wild. What was so fun and rewarding about writing this way was, we really had no control over how the book would develop or end. We just let the plot unfold as we typed. Another thing I enjoyed was that I didn't get a brain ache from thinking and thinking about the plot, plot holes, character development, etc. I just focused my creative energy on those five pages when it was my turn, and then let it go until it was my turn again. There was no point in putting a lot of mental energy into thinking ahead because I knew those thoughts would likely be irrelevant by the time the story came back around to me.

You may think that by the time we were finished, we just had a jumbled, incoherent storyline, but for some reason--perhaps because we're related and share much in common, including brain genes--the story ended up being completely adorable. Our different way of writing ended up working for us. Not only that, but a natural character arch developed and certain plot elements came to life that wouldn't have otherwise.

Sometimes in life, it's good to just focus on our little part for a while, then let go and trust in someone else. With writing this way, none of us had control over everything, and we had to trust each other--and ourselves--to be contributing members of a project.

My sisters and I have dreams of getting this book published and then doing book signings together...on a cruise-ship somewhere in the Bahamas. But even if that doesn't happen, the writing experience has been so fun and rewarding, we may just have to keep writing together under our pen name. Thank you Jen and Jax, you are a couple of the most wonderful, courageous, and creative women I know, and I love being your sister. <3


Rachael Renee Anderson said...

Fun project! I hope it gets published someday and you get to go on that cruise. :)

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