Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free books and movies!


                                                           By Trina Boice
I absolutely love to watch movies and read books.  Even better is when they’re free!   I also love the summer time because there seems to be more time to catch up on the books and movies I didn’t have time to enjoy during the school year.   Here are some great freebies for you and your family.  And by the way, treat your dad to a freebie for Father's Day!

FREE MOVIES!!    TV shows, movies

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To read about the books I write, check out my author web site at:

Sister Thrifty   (aka: Trina Boice)


ali said...

Wow! Thanks Trina! Very cool :D

Akash Deep Dvedi said...

Here is an another website which you can also add on your post where you can watch movies online