Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Ways to Promote

We're all looking for new, innovative ways to promote our books because we've all learned that promotion is up to the authors. I used to think all I had to do was write a book and if it was published, I could go on to writing my next book while my publisher marketed and promoted my first book. Um, yeah. Learned pretty fast that's not the way that it works.

So here's a couple of things going on out in the blogosphere that might help us find more ways to promote our names and our books.

Our very own super cool and incredibly talented PR rep, Sheralyn Pratt, has been hosting a contest on her website to go along with her book launch. Each day she asks trivia questions and winners can then choose a prize from a list of available prizes.

Joyce DiPastena, author of Loyalty's Web a Whitney finalist for 2008, is hosting a summer treasure hunt. Readers must go to different blogs and answer questions about those bloggers to be entered to win prizes such as books, a DVD, and a free edit/critique. You can find more information here: This is a fun contest that will allow you to get to know other bloggers as well as win prizes. This contest concludes in July.

Karlene Browning of Inksplasher is hosting a Countdown to Eclipse contest which features a virtual road trip to Forks, Washington. Prizes include books, perfume, and other Twilight themed gifts. This contest lasts through the month of June.

Many authors donated prizes to the Brenda Novak auction to raise money for diabetes that ended on May 31, 2010. This event helped raise money for more research and drew attention to those participating.

Summer is a great time to participate in and sponsor these contests. If you are not a sponsor this summer, you may want to think about contacting these blog owners and becoming a sponsor in the future. These blogs have good followings and will allow new people to see your name and your book(s). The more we can get our names out there, the better. And, if we can help support a worthy cause, all the better.

What have you done to promote your book lately?


Christine Thackeray said...

Not enough, that's for sure. Thanks for the push.

Steve said...

Great ideas. Thanks.