Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Making a Difference

I'm traveling home from AZ today. We attended the funeral for my husband's grandmother yesterday. She was a month shy of turning 93. She lived a long, good life and though we'll miss her, we're sure that she's having a wonderful reunion with her beloved husband, her parents, siblings, and other family members. How blessed we are to have the knowledge of the gospel.

Recently, some friends and I have been discussing being moms and writers (this also applies to dads) and whether or not we do, or should, feel guilty for taking time to write. After all, shouldn't we spend that time organizing the pantry, sewing, cleaning the basement, teaching our kids another language, spending more time being a mom, developing our domestic goddess talents, etc. It's a serious reflection when we take our roles as wives and mothers to heart and want to be the best that we can, while also feeling this strong, deep need to write.

No one seems to begrudge a woman the time she spends practicing piano, sewing, singing, knitting, or redecorating a home. Those things seems to be "okay" while writing seems to fall under the "selfish" category. Why is that? Isn't writing a talent? Aren't we counseled to develop our talents rather than bury them under a bushel? Can't we also bless the lives of others with our writing just as we can through singing or playing an instrument?

President Kimball gave a talk admonishing those of us who have talents in the arts to develop them and then to share them with the world to give people art that uplifts their souls. The world needs our art and we need to produce it. There's plenty of smut out there--we need to combat that.

Orson Scott Card said, "...if your story really does matter, if your made-up tales have any real value at all, then it truly is an act of charity, of brotherly love, to open up that story to as many people as can possibly receive it." Don't you love that quote?

Our writing can make the world a better place. We can testify of truths in our writing. We can offer a respite, a safe resting place for a few moments while people read our stories. We can teach and uplift. We can entertain in a wholesome way. We can make a difference and we should.


Chanelle said...

Amen! and that was was inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Thank you, Rebecca! I loved reading that, especially the quote from OSC. You are an example too, balancing a full family life with successful writing. Yay!

Rebecca Talley said...

Thank you! And, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.

Rachael Renee Anderson said...

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

Christine Thackeray said...

Thanks, Rebecca. You are such an over-achiever you put the rest of us to shame. I do love that quote because that's exactly how I feel about "Lipstick Wars" coming out in July. Now if anyone reads it.

Valerie Ipson said...

Excellent! We all need this reminder now and then.

Peggy Urry said...

I need that reminder every day! :-)

Tanya Parker Mills said...

I stopped feeling guilty about my writing when I took off for my first writing conference. (Of course, it helped that my husband not only supported me in this endeavor, but encouraged me.) I figured that I wasn't going to add to the happiness of my family unless I, myself, was happy and feeling fulfilled.

Good post, Rebecca. I know it's a lot harder for you because you have more children and they're not all grown yet. But I think you're setting a good example for them by following your dreams.

And Christine--what on earth are you doing up at 2 in the morning??? I have a feeling your back hasn't gotten any better.

Jillayne Clements said...

Well put. That was exactly the reminder I needed. :)

prashant said...

that was was inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
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Corine said...

Hi! :D ~ Great post!

And if it helps you any... I don't feel a bit guilty for writing; I feel guilty for NOT writing more!!!

I have this goal to write my personal history (New years goal this year... ). I even created a blog to write it on, and haven't entered a single post yet. Ouch! I really want to... and I SHOULD. Your blog here and this post really seem to be giving me the push I've needed to get started. I'm so excited! :D

In case you're interested, the address to this journal blog I'm starting is If you visit any time soon, and see that I have finally posted something up... know that your post helped me to get up and finally get writing. I hope to see you there satisfied that you inspired me. :)

Thanks a ton!
Corine :D